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Owner Representation


M Companies’ unique ability to fit into a network in a prescribed manner has  enabled us to provide owner representation on   commercial real estate and construction projects. M Companies’ able to manage a project’s development team through the planning, design, permitting and construction phases has made M Companies a fully integrated firm. 

Over the past three decades, Michael Hopkins has provided unsurpassed expertise in assembling, coordinating and managing project teams on complex development projects for a diverse client base, from nonprofit organizations to commercial entities. With a formal educational background in architecture and a Class “A” general contracting license, M Companies is able to apply best practices during the design/construction collaboration phase, establishing the governing principles from the planning of the project to its completion. 

Our TEAM oriented approach consistently leads to successful projects delivered on time and within budget. M Companies' in-person and online process of keeping decision-makers fully informed of all major project decisions and options is the cornerstone of making effective and timely decisions to achieve cost, quality and schedule.

With our array of relationships and experience of working with governing municipalities, M Companies has become a specialist in navigating the entitlement and zoning process. As a result of M Companies’ experience, knowledge, and hard-won credibility, we have established is evident in our relationships with zoning and construction officials, which has allowed us to efficiently navigate multi-layered regulatory processes. Our longstanding relationships and access to community resources enable projects to transition seamlessly through the planning process design and construction phases.

"Michael Hopkins and the M Companies have been a steady guide through highly structured programming, design, permitting and construction processes for our clients in Richmond.  They approach projects with the right mix of professionalism and aggressive execution necessary to complete complex development projects in need of thoughtful leadership.  We’ve partnered with Michael since 2013 and I recommend them highly."


Patrick Cooper, AIA

Compass Design & Development

Key in our process is understanding our client’s goals, unique purpose, and criteria for success. We then work to mitigate risk, vet costs, and identify opportunities for increased efficiencies. M Companies distinguishes ourselves by serving as a true advocate for our clients through adopting their priorities, timelines, and objectives as our own. Our highly versatile team uses their vast experience and lessons learn to forecast critical path milestones resulting in M Companies being proactive, forward-thinking, and success driven. Each project is given the utmost care by a principal team member who ensures that the services are delivered in a manner that emphasizes quality, schedule, and cost while keeping the client informed every step of the way. Through our due diligence process, we manage every critical detail from site selection to lease up - we manage every step of the process.

“M Companies’ ability to advocate for our clients’ interests with the seasoned professionalism and aggressive execution necessary to complete any development project has been the foundation of our reputation.” -Michael Hopkins

Our portfolio showcases our reputation of delivering exceptional quality through our relentless ethical standards, outstanding advocacy and uncanny follow-through.  Since our inception, we have come to be known as a company with a successful, multi-faceted approach for the real estate development and construction of:

Residential       Retail     Hotels     Restaurants     Commercial Office


Site Selection

Marketing & Leasing



Analyzing Graphs

Site Selection

Selecting the appropriate site requires the strategic planning expertise, financial structuring, market analysis and construction experience in M’s repertoire. We assess the economic impact, zoning, site-specific variables and the type of project when selecting the highest and best use for a site. Our strategic pre-development effort assembles data from key sources to determine the best use for a site.

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