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Richmond, Virginia, USA downtown skyline

With more than 20 years of development Management experience, 

The M Companies is a Richmond, Virginia-based boutique firm with strategic partnerships. The M Companies focus on undertaking niche projects that, when developed to their “highest and best” use, create a Destination. 

Asset 10M_black_dark (2).png

years of professional excellence.

units developed and constructed

sqft commercial space development and constructed

$3.8 B+

in economic development initiatives




The firm is designed to fit into a network system of interconnecting independent companies to function in a prescribed manner to accomplish specific organizational goals and objectives.  M Companies carefully manages the development process, assembling the best team of architects, general contractors, and consultants. The company provides over 50 years of acclaimed development experience through strategic partnerships. 


M Companies can successfully develop projects using creative solutions to prevent conflicts between design, cost, schedule, and financial constraints. We possess a unique talent for fine-tuning the countless, interconnected variables of the development process while achieving just the right blend of building amenities, cost, and services. With an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the real estate equation, M Companies steers clear of potential pitfalls and defines the parameters required to make a deal happen.

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