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Navy Hill


In 2017, the M Companies was hired by Capital City Partners, LLC to lead the City of Richmond’s largest Diversity and Inclusive initiative, Navy Hill. The $1.5 Billion development plan was to comprise of a new 17,500 seat arena, a 500-room convention center hotel, 250,000 s.f. of office space, 500,000 s.f. of medical research facilities, over 2,000 multi-family residential units, 200,000 s.f. of retail space, including a new regional transit hub.

“The M Companies recognized the importance of this monumental MBE Plan as a new paradigm that would set in motion the successful inclusion of the MBE community on projects of this magnitude.” – Michael Hopkins.


The MBE Plan describes the objectives and a series of strategies that identifies systemic impediments and solutions to create opportunities during the development, construction, and post-construction phases to maximize MBE participation.


The Plan provided a list of unique recommendations (Special Initiatives) that identify services that could be offered by professional and non-professional MBE firms that typically go unrecognized. With a strategic partnership with Resources, The M Companies created a program that became known as the Matrix – which assisted in identifying successful untapped MBE business initiatives and solutions to meet the challenges to ensure success.


The Plan in detail identified the pathway to achieve the procurement of $300 Million of costs spent with Minority Business Enterprises (“MBE”). The Plan established the policies and procedures that would achieve the long term business relationships in the professional service firms, suppliers, vendors, retailers, and contractors. Broken down by segments, the Plan’s purpose specifically tailored the implementation of various segments of the project to meet each contractor’s capacity.


In its simplest form the Plan described the process for identification, contracting, reporting, and monitoring participation. The Plan’s objectives, performance measurements, compliance reporting, special initiatives and focus to address the systemic impediments, resulted in the Plan receiving approval from all the members of the Navy Hill review commission!

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