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“At M Companies, we are committed to ensuring the greatest value is achieved for ALL by providing our professional services in the most forthright and efficient manner.” - Michael Hopkins.

Diversity& Inclusion

“Our mission is to advance the economic development of the communities we serve by providing the highest quality professional services in the best interest of both the public and private sectors.” 

As the guiding principle, Michael Hopkins brings over 30 years of quality consultative expertise to individual clients, small businesses, corporations, and government entities and has developed a reputation as a leader in diversity and inclusion.

M Companies has a long record of developing and implementing excellent diversity and inclusion initiatives that give all citizens and stakeholders an equal voice and opportunity to compete for business in the public and private sectors. Our core competence in Diversity & Inclusion planning for economic real estate development projects allows us to be granule in our focus while utilizing our historical database to achieve impactful results.  We assist our clients in exceeding their diversity goals by providing a tailored diversity and inclusion plan. Our expertise in the field of evaluating professional services, contractors, vendors/supplier, and the user ensures the projects we engage

in exceeds federal, state, and local disadvantaged, minority, and women-owned business requirements.



Our process begins with a comprehensive review of the project, which includes community stakeholders meetings/interviews and a targeted analysis of the project’s economic opportunities, stakeholder needs, and available resources.


We collaborate with all stakeholders to establish goals and build consensus around a shared vision of economic inclusion and success.


Our Diversity &Inclusion plan includes an implementation matrix that our clients can use to define next steps, measure progress, and deliver tangible results.



  • Economic Analysis

  • Opportunity Analysis

  • Outreach & Surveys

  • Workshops & Visioning


  • Tax Base Analysis

  • Place Making

  • Diversity & Inclusion Plans

  • Strategic Plans

  • Implementation Plans

  • Performance Measurement

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