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As managing partner, Michael Hopkins' experience and expertise in construction management find him leading the firm in reviewing all construction plans and specifications, analyzing estimates, evaluating subcontractor qualifications, and overall project administration. Day-to-day Hopkins tracks project labor/material expenses while analyzing field production, determining changes to ensure projects meet schedule and are profitable. His knowledge of scheduling strategies and delegation of construction site activities is paramount in ensuring all projects are operational and efficient. 

During his career, Hopkins has successfully developed and managed the construction and completion of over one hundred million dollars ($100,000,000) worth of projects. Hopkins's career encompasses implementing every development and construction phase, from developing a development plan to overseeing post-completion activities. Hopkins's various construction assignments have had him addressing building code issues, preparing cost estimates, reviewing plans & specifications, and conducting site problem analysis & planning.

 Early on in Hopkins' quest to become a developer/contractor, he was recognized by the Richmond Times Dispatch for his success in undertaking the re-development of a multi-family tenement which was in a state of severe blight at the time of acquisition. The successful completion of the project not only drew the attention of the “Richmond Times-Dispatch,” which did an article on the young developer titled “Making An Effort”; the project spurned the re-development of over $10,000,000 in the surrounding neighborhood. Hopkins, a long-time visionary and advocate of urban revitalization, played a significant part in one of the City of Richmond’s most successful revitalization programs, “Neighborhoods In Bloom.” Over three years, Hopkins led a team that developed and constructed over 100 residential properties with a total development cost of over $20,000,000. At a ceremony in Minnesota, Hopkins received a HUD award for his crucial role in coordinating the development and construction activities for the $6,000,000 historic adaptive reuse conversion of two abandoned schools into housing for seniors. In his spare time, Hopkins avidly supports Girls for a Change.

 Most recently - Over 36 months, approximately 74.0 million dollars worth of projects have been completed and are under development. These projects include | The historic adaptive conversion of an abandoned school into (28) senior apartments | A (46) unit mix-use urban infill over 4,000 sqft of commercial space | A modification of an abandoned bakery into (23) condominiums over 2,500 sqft of retail space | The adaptive conversation of a warehouse into apartments and a destination restaurant | A 12,000 sqft conversion of a historic Armory into the Black History Museum | The adaptive conversion of a landmark office building into a mix-use high rise (208) unit apartment complex | The new construction of 278 new apartments and 72 towns houses, with 12,000 sqft of retail space.

People Clapping

Corporate Values

Being a firm that selects to undertake only projects that create a destination, we understand the communities we are in and that the placement of development is the most critical factor when creating economic synergy and a  win-win scenario. M is committed to achieving the best possible solutions; by offering our extensive product and construction expertise to maximize the projects we undertake.

These underlying values guide each of our projects:

  • People 

  • Planning 

  • Organization 

  • Implementation 

  • Control

  • Accountability

  • Objectivity

  • Integrity

  • Unparalleled 

  • Service

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