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Construction Site Managers

Site Identification

Selecting the appropriate site requires the strategic planning expertise, financial structuring, market analysis and construction experience in M’s repertoire. We assess the economic impact, zoning, site-specific variables and the type of project when selecting the highest and best use for a site. Our strategic pre-development effort assembles data from key sources to determine the best use for a site.

Site Inspection
Owner Represetative



M Companies' detailed financial proforma specifies annual cumulative income and expenses, hard and soft cost operation reserve, lease income and occupancy rates. By changing the variables used to create the proforma, it provides short-and long-term projections for various decisions.



M Companies’ detailed financial proforma allows for the integration of various financial structures. From conventional mortgages to complex tax credit structures. Our unique ability to structure fiduciary solvent development projects via public private partnerships allows us to bring a wide cachet of financial resources.

Marketing & Leasing Up


Our comprehensive approach to management starts from the leasing and screening of a tenant all the way through to our thorough record keeping. You will find that The M Company’s staff consistently updates its trade knowledge in order to meet the changing demands of the marketplace. 

Our comprehensive demographic analysis and database of commercial tenants, gives us the opportunity to engage the commercial tenant community at the onset of the project. M Companies' straightforward approach allows us to get a clear picture of the current commercial trend, potential tenant mix and the ability to determine the overall financial sustainability.


Marketing & Leasing Up
M Companies
Core Team Members
have direct experience in the following areas:

Design & Construction

Commercial Construction

Highest and Best Use Analysis

Public Reporting/Compliance 

Market and Leasing Analysis 

Commercial Leasing

Historic Tax Credit Financing 

Mastering Property Budgeting & Accounting

Operational & Budget Forecasting

Capital Improvement

Economic Incentive Programs

Conventional Financing

Tenant Evaluation

HQS Compliance

Preventative Maintenance 

Job Creation & Training 

Partnership Structures 

Public/Private Partnerships

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